Teacher Gift Ideas

November 5, 2019

Let me be clear, presents at the end of the year are GREAT. At the school I teach at, teachers are traditionally given presents on the second last day of the year when we have our class parties. But it isn't about the gift. For us, it is so much more. It is knowing that you acknowledge the role we have played in your child's life throughout the year. Even a note thanking the teacher for their guidance throughout the year would be greatly appreciated and goes a far way.


We look after your children for 7 hours a day or more, we love them like they're our own. We often spend more time with your children than we do our own. I feel sad to see them go at the end of the year, but is exciting knowing that I have been part of their lives and helped mould them into the adults they will one day be.


A note of thanks is hugely appreciated, but if you'd like to spoil your child's teacher with a little something something, here are some ideas - suggestions for a teacher by a teacher.


Here are a few of my favourite things:


1) Consider a shirt from She Shirt

They recently released this new teacher T-shirt which is extremely flattering.

T-shirt - R169.



2) Have a look at the beautiful teacher-themed jewellery from Tora Grace

The Samsara bracelets can be personalised. 

Samsara bracelet - R270



3) A voucher from Sorbet is always welcome after a busy year of being on our feet and marking thousands of books!



4) Let's not beat around the bush here... Find out what your child's teacher's favourite poison is. A bottle of wine is more than welcome to enjoy during the upcoming holidays!



5) What about a personalised tote bag? As teachers, we are always carrying something around! Whether it is marking or our sport's clothes, a bag would be so appreciated! Love & Sparkles has this beautiful jute eco tote shopper which is laminated - ensuring it can hold heavy books! Tote bag - R149



6) We are teachers therefore we love stationery. The end. Typo is our home away from home! There are some great online sales at the moment.



7) A unique and personalised planner - what more could you want? I already have mine for 2020 because I loved my 2019 one! Have you seen the Pick A Nutt planners? This year they are downloadable, so that the teacher can print only what she needs. Planner - R60



8) Do you know what teachers love? STICKERS! There are beautiful reward stickers available from Kidico. They are customizable and start from R27.



9) We live for our diaries! Every single appointment, meeting and sport's fixture is recorded in my diary so I don't forget anything important. Typo has some lovely diaries for 2020 which are very affordable. If you are considering a big spoil, what about a personalised diary? Love Letters has glossy hardcover 2020 diaries with page per day inners. This is a definite spoil at R365.



10) Teaching is thirsty business - most teachers I know keep a water bottle on their table. Want to give a sip-worthy gift to your child's teacher? What about the hot or cold bottle from Twistshake. Currently they have a special - 2 for R575 so you could spoil your child's teacher and keep one for yourself! This amazing bottle keeps water hot or cold (depending on what you want) for hours and are perfect for those visits to the beach or pool during summer.









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