Ellips Hair Products

November 1, 2019

It is not often that I find a product that I absolutely LOVE but here it is! Magic in a little capsule. Ellips sent me some hair capsules to review and I have been loving them! My hair is very dry, due to blow drying it every day for work and because I do blonde highlights quite often.




The capsule promises to repair and nourish damaged hair, and it didn't disappoint! Wow! Amazing results.


I am not a big fan of products that require a lot of work behind the scenes. For example, sitting with a hair mask in for twenty minutes with wet shampooed hair and then having to wash it out again does not work with a busy schedule. These capsules are so so easy! 



My routine with the capsules: I wash my hair with my normal shampoo in the shower. I towel dry and half blow dry. Then I snip the end of the capsule, rub through my hair and I'm ready to go!


I have only used the capsules twice, but have already seen a huge difference! Even the children in my class have commented on how healthy and shiny my hair is looking.


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