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August 5, 2019


GOOOOOD MORNING FOLKS! Today I want to ask what you’re feeding your kids (and yourself!) for brekkie?! Because... fab news, Futurelife has relaunched their instant oats! It’s quick, tasty and nutritious! 


What I like is that it is high in protein (a high protein breakfast gives a fuller feeling for longer and prepares the brains for a busy and active day!) and is low in sugar. So many breakfast cereals these days are very high in sugar- which is not good for concentration levels (and general health!). As a teacher, I often see the effects of a high sugar breakfast and I highly recommend a more protein based breakfast for your family. 


This is a great breakfast for the whole family! Hubby enjoys the original oats while I really like the honey!


There are four flavours: original, honey, chocolate and mixed berries. It comes in a 500g box and then a sachet or a box of 10 sachets.

Additional features:

• Non-GMO


• 20 vitamins and minerals

• Halaal & Kosher

• Soy free 


It is also an affordable option! With the increasing pressures on a family’s finances, this well-rounded meal is well-priced.


• Smart Oats 500g: R34,99

• Smart Oats Multipacks: R44,99

• Smart Oats Sachets: R4,99 

FUTURELIFE® aims to change the way consumers enjoy the future of breakfast.
With a deep understanding of consumers and the way that they live their lives, FUTURELIFE® has re-launched FUTURELIFE® Smart Oats and Ancient Grains – because everything in life has changed and why not your oats?​
The smart breakfast choice is one that is rich in whole grain, fibre and protein while low in added sugar, and this winter FUTURELIFE® has introduced its new FUTURELIFE® Smart Oats® and Ancient Grains - with 38% less sugar it’s a delicious, comforting and healthy breakfast solution for the family.



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