Plane and Pram Pal: Review

June 13, 2019

What is the number one item that gets damaged when flying with kids? It's the pram. Every time we fly, Nunu's pram takes a real beating! And no amount of 'fragile' stickers are going to help.


Introducing the PRAM PAL. This unique product offers your pram the much needed protection it requires when manoeuvring the dark corners of an airport... the luggage department. 


The cover is available in both single and double sizes, so you're covered in more ways than one. The cover comes in a handy little bag and is easily removed. Slide the bag over your pram, and there you have it! No zips or buttons. Just some really strong velcro and heavy duty clips. In fact, I am sure you could tuck more than your pram in this bag. There's space for some more items too. 


The bag has a long strap, so it is perfect for sliding over your shoulder for quick on-the-go moments rather than pushing a pram through the airport (especially when we know your toddler is wanting to be carried anyways...)


The Pram Pal sells from R499. Click here to purchase.



I then had the pleasure of testing out the Plane Pal. This cleverly designed product acts as a seat extender when on a plane, allowing your child to sleep/lie comfortably. 


The pack sells for R749 and comes with an inflatable pillow, pump and backpack included. I know friends who personally have used this product on long haul flights and have reckoned that it is an absolute life saver! I cannot wait to use ours on our next flight!


The inflatable pillow fits between the seats, so your child can stretch out and be more comfortable. It is made from high quality nylon and folds back easily into the backpack. 


The pump makes it quick to inflate the pillow. It is lightweight and easy to use. Plane Pal isn't only limited to planes - it can be used in cars, trains and buses.



 Airline restrictions limit the use to in-flight use only. It cannot be used during take off and landing.  The Plane Pal is approved by over 41 airlines and are safe to use during flights. It can only be used in the window seat or the middle seat in the center rows. The seatbelt must remain fastened at all times - you can request a seatbelt extender from the flight attendant.


Click here to purchase your own Plane Pal.



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