The Collagen diaries

May 29, 2019

Day One


Dear Collagen


It did not go well. You didn't dissolve very nicely into my morning drinking yogurt (New Woolies strawberry and baobab) and I almost regurgitated my breakfast over the front row of my class when I swallowed a squishy lump of powder. You claim to be tasteless, but I don't know if you can truly claim that. I can taste you and you've changed the consistency of my favourite yogurt. I struggled to get you down this morning, and it is only 5g. Not sure how it's going to be when I need to ingest 10g of you.


I also used the HA (hyaluronic acid) serum last night for the first time. I only used it on my forehead. This morning my skin felt a lot smoother and more hydrated. But it's still early days, will keep recording my results. 








Day Two


This morning I took my collagen with my coffee and I didn't taste a thing! Although, it was in the back of mind the entire time. I have to admit, I have been feeling fuller and my sugar cravings have been less which I have NEVER experienced with any other diet supplement.









Day Three


Today I felt adventurous and took my collagen as a shot! It went down a lot easier and quicker. I mixed with it water, but tomorrow I think I am going to try it with apple juice.


I definitely had a feeling of being "full" today which I've never experienced before. I usually have a ravenous appetite and by 4PM I am ready to tear open a packet of chips.


The HA serum is working well, I have had many compliments (including from my mom, who is hard to please!) about the smoothness of my forehead.


I think I am going to stick to 5g of collagen for now and see how this week goes with that amount.






 Day Four


I just could NOT face swallowing the collagen with apple juice this morning. The liquid was too cold, so it was clumpy and gross. It did not smell great either. I aborted mission, chucked it down the sink (yes! At R390 for a 1kg tub, its OK!) and called it a day. I headed down to the Coffee Can (at the bottom of Boyes Drive, Cape Town) and ordered myself a piping hot flat white. I added the collagen to that. I've decided this is the best way to take it - I honestly cannot taste it in the coffee and it dissolves well (no clumps). Even though I haven't been sleeping well at all (major stress at the moment at work and with big life decisions/financial decisions, etc etc etc), I still feel quite energetic.


The HA serum is working well - I didn't even wear make up today (just a teeny tiny bit of base for my redness and the purple bags under my eyes). 




Day Seven


It’s been a week since I started with collagen. I can see a huge difference on my forehead thanks to the HA serum. Unfortunate the “not hungry” phase did not last long, but I have been under incredible stress at work and my go-to remedy in times like this is food.

Tomorrow I am going to start with 10g, as I was advised to start on 5g due to the possibility of stomach pain when you first start on collagen. I haven’t had any side effects like this so I am going to move onto the next stage. 


 Above is also a 7 day comparison. It's the same side of my face, just inverted. You can see that my pigmentation has significantly decreased and the fine lines on my forehead are less visible. My pores seem smaller and my skin is smoother and more hydrated.








Day Nine


I don't know how, but I have lost 1kg. It isn't through dieting or exercising, because last week was a total mare due to exam time. I usually eat when stressed, so all eating plans went out the window and I consumed copious amounts of chocolate.


I've been having my collagen with my coffee every morning because this is the best way not to taste it. I've also upped my amount to 10g. 








Day Twenty


Sorry, haven't been on for a while because its NUTS at school! Thankfully it is break up day so I have three weeks of holidays ahead of me! I have been having 10g of collagen in my morning coffee every day. I can't taste it and I've even gotten over the fact that it's in there. My skin is so much smoother and I am starting to feel the results - more energy and an improved digestion. Also - I don't want to jinx it, but usually my nails are brittle and break easily. Not ONE of my nails have broken since starting collagen! Not one!!!! 







Day Twenty-Eight


What a journey. I am totally and completely sold on the benefits of collagen. My skin looks amazing, I have renewed energy and I have lost 2kgs! My mom has suffered with back pain throughout her life. After taking collagen, her pain has been halved and she even painted a fence the other day! My nails and hair are all feeling healthier too!






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