Fun at the Lolliputti launch

May 21, 2019

What is Lolliputti? My husband looked at me strangely when I told him that we had been invited to the launch of this new on-trend collectible at Toys R Us, Canal Walk. 


Now, we all know how important sensory play is in early childhood development. As parents, we are responsible for actively providing opportunities for our children to be exposed to sensory play. Lolliputti is the perfect solution. 


I have to admit, the initial putty is very sticky and difficult to work with. Nunu managed to squash half of it into his new pants - I'd suggest wearing old clothes. The putty has to be manipulated (very much like Prestik) to get the right consistency. Once its been pressed and massaged, it becomes much more manageable and feels more like play dough.



Gloop, slime and putty are all the rage right now! I've had to ban it in my classroom during lessons because the kids are so busy moulding and creating that they forget to do their Mental Maths. However, I do recognise the value in sensory play, especially that of touch. It encourages cognitive growth and builds fine motor skills. Lolliputti has creatively pushed the boundaries of this fad and included collectible items that offer themes such as: monsters, unicorns and scented ice-cream factory.


It was lovely to meet up with friends and to enjoy a morning that includes our littles! We were spoilt with delicious cupcakes, warm donuts fresh out of the oven, hot coffee and slushies. 



Lee-Anne Gordon-Myers, from Pollywiggles SA, chatted to us about the collectible trend and showed us the range that is available. It was great to hear more about the Pollywiggles brand. 




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