4aKid: Toy suitcase set

May 21, 2019

The role of imaginative play in early childhood is important. We often forget that the simple act of wearing a fireman's hat or dressing up as a princess is important in the development of a child's verbal communication skills, confidence, imagination, creativity and, more importantly, understand the world around them.




4aKid has launched an amazing product that promotes role play, but is also practical and is easily packed away. Often this type of play involves bulky toys that are difficult to store or laborious to pack away. 4aKid has introduced the TOY SUITCASE SET. These are available as little backpacks that, when opened, reveal a plethora of appropriately themed apparatus inside. Available sets include: Doctor, tools, beauty, pony and supermarket. They sell for R199. Click here to view the range and order yours today.



Nunu was gifted with the tools range. It was very easy to set up, in fact I lost the instructions somewhere along the line and managed to figure it out. The nice thing is that all the tools can be packed away at the end of the day and are safely stored inside the backpack until the next time your little carpenter wants to build something.



What I also love is that it is easily transportable. We can take Nunu's backpack with when we go out to dinner, etc. and this keeps him entertained. 


This is a great little product and fun for little ones to explore!




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