One Aid MiniKits by Dr Carmen

February 12, 2019

Last week I had the daunting task of taking 120 students on camp. Dr Carmen contacted me and asked if I would review one of her MiniKits. I thought that my Grade Five camp would be the perfect time to test it out! Unfortunately I had to use the kit a lot sooner than I would have liked. One of our excited little campers fell under the trampoline and I had to patch him up.




I absolutely love the fun design on the outside of the kit. First Aid Kits are usually scary and, when they are taken out, the children get even more nervous when they see that ominous white box! The kit is tightly secured with velcro and, for such a small kit, holds a surprisingly large amount! It's clever design allows the kit to fit easily into any handbag while still being well-equipped with the necessary items to treat a variety of every day childhood injuries.




What I really loved were the cute "I was brave" stickers! It made my little injured Grade Five smile. It is hard being ten and hurting yourself when you are away from home! He especially loved his balloon plaster! 



This MiniKit gave us as teachers great peace of mind on this busy camp. After camp I am looking forward to keeping it in my car in case of emergencies with Nunu when we are out and about. I also want to order another one to keep for when I travel with school children on sport's matches. It really is a nifty product!




The MiniKit costs R395 and is available to purchase from their website. 


Each Kit includes:


(2) Pairs of gloves (latex-free)

(1) Hand disinfectant

(2) First aid dressing

(1) Conforming bandage

(1) Triangular bandage

(1) Sterile gauze

(1) Sterile dressing pad

(12) Assorted plasters

(1) Burn gel

(1) Burn dressing

(4) cotton buds

(1) Antiseptic solution

(2) Antiseptic ointment

(1) First aid scissors

(1) Metal tweezers

(1) Adhesive tape

(1) Syringe (5ml)

(3) Reward stickers

(1) Basic First Aid Pocket Guide


(The First Aid Pocket Guide is downloadable for free with each MiniKit purchase).


*This review is sponsored by One Aid.



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