Our Top 5 Summer Must Haves

January 23, 2019

As you must know by now, Nunu and I are summer's biggest fans. We love the sound of the waves crashing, the sand between our toes, salt-kissed hair from the sea and spending afternoons in the pool. In celebration of our favourite season, we are giving away our Top 5 Picks for Summer. This is our ultimate list that will ensure a fabulous 2019 summer. 




1) MooMoo Kids Swimwear

Our South African summer is harsh, especially on baby soft skins. MooMoo Kids has designed UV Swimwear (UPF50+) which is essential in keeping your child's skin safe during these hot months.

What we love the most: All of their swimwear has long sleeves so as to minimise skin exposure and is endorsed by the Cancer Association of South Africa.

Shop here: http://www.moomookids.co.za






2) Myang 

These gorgeous sun hats are perfect for keeping the sun from your child's face, neck and ears. This brand is a special one, as all of the hats are made by women from poverty-stricken communities who have now been employed by Myang.

What we love the most: You are not only looking after your child's sensitive skin in this harsh climate and kitting them out in uniquely beautiful hats, but also supporting a brand that enables women to support their families. 

Shop here: https://myang.co.za




3) Trendlings Wet Bag

Trendlings is well-known in the market for its distinctive and original designs. Earlier this month, I asked followers for suggestions on where to find a wet bag as Nunu has started swimming lessons and we needed a product that could safely keep our dry clothes from getting wet. The response was overwhelming - Trendlings!

What we love the most: The bag is extremely waterproof. We love the fresh design (we chose the watermelon bag) and perfect size.

Shop here: https://trendlings.co.za




4) 4 a Kid Sandless Beach Mat

Let's be honest, no matter how much you love the beach, it can be very annoying when half of the beach arrives home with you. I find sand EVERYWHERE. This handy beach mat from 4 a kid ensures that all that pesky sand belongs where it should be - at the beach. 

What we love the most: The mat lives up to its promise of being 'sandless'. It is also large enough for both Nunu and I to relax on (and some extras if we feel like sharing).

Shop here: https://www.4akid.co.za




5) Pure Beginnings Sun Milk

South Africa's summer is long and hot. It is essential that you apply sunscreen to your child's skin. Pure Beginnings' range is of the best quality and is completely organic. With an SPF of 50+, you can safely enjoy the day knowing your child's skin is protected. 

What we love the most: Pure Beginnings uses only natural mineral filters, there are no nanoparticles and chemical free. It is made specifically with sensitive skin in mind and water resistant.

Shop here: https://www.purebeginnings.co.za








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