Did you know your cellphone is dirtier than a toilet seat?

October 10, 2018

We live in a world where we try to eradicate germs at every turn, yet have you ever considered how dirty your cellphone may be? According to Gammatek SA, it is dirtier than a toilet seat!


Imagine how many bacteria and germs are sitting on your cellphone screen at this very moment. As a self-confessed germophobe, this is the stuff of which horror movies are made. 


How many of you are guilty of taking your phone with you to the bathroom? (Silently raises hand) Every time you flush the toilet with an open lid, bacteria are sprayed into the surrounding air. If this doesn't make you shudder, now think about how much is sitting on your phone. In addition to this, you are constantly touching your phone, talking into your phone and eating over your phone. Suddenly I feel like I need a hot shower. Or better yet... introducing WHOOSH! Tech Hygiene.


Gammatek is the leading distributor of mobile technology and accessories and has brought out WHOOSH! Tech Hygiene spray. It is proven to remove 99% of germs on your phone. Time to get spraying! 


This product is available in:

Compact (8ml) for R149 - 100 sprays 

Go (30ml) for R199 - 250 sprays

Duo (100ml and 8ml) for R399 - 900 sprays

Each WHOOSH! pack contains an antimicrobial microfiber cloth. The Duo box comes with two cloths.




These can be purchased at Incredible Connection, Vodacom and Takealot.com



Head over to my Instagram page to enter to win a WHOOSH! pack for you and a friend!



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