July 20, 2018



Campaigns and hashtags come and go, but this is an important one of which to take notice. 


I usually don't support short-lived campaigns that give you a "feel good" feeling for a month and then you're off the hook as soon as the 31st comes around. It almost gives you penance to revert back to old habits, but still gives you that warm feeling  because you typed a hashtag about the movement.


What I do love is that #plasticfreejuly has brought about great awareness regarding a pressing issue that might never have crossed our minds. Many households across South Africa are now consciously reflecting on their usage of plastic within the the home because of social media.


It is by no means easy to live a plastic free life. We are living in an ever-changing and growing world that promotes a fast-paced and convenient lifestyle which, sadly, is all about the plastic. Big change comes about from the small decisions you make. Have a look at these locally produced, environmentally friendly products below. They are functional, beautiful and plastic free. These three products will make you use less plastic and even provide jobs for local communities.


1. Don't use plastic straws.

Like, who are you even? No one is using plastic straws anymore. These amazing copper straws and locally produced Shweshwe pouches are the perfect solution to your plastic straw problem. The straws will keep your drink cool, has anti-microbial properties AND will make you look super cool. These c.straws are available from EbonyMoon. Click here to visit their website.




2) Use FreshBag when visiting the supermarket.

Single use plastic bags are a thing of the past. These FreshBags can be used many times over when visiting the supermarket and buying fresh produce. This is also a local company that creates jobs within South African communities and promotes awareness on the impact of plastic in our environment. What's not to love? Visit their website here.




 3) Bamboo Charcoal Natural Water Filter

If you are still buying spring water in plastic containers, STOP! Those bottles you're drinking out of take 450 years or more to decompose! Save your money and drink from your tap safely with these natural water filters. They trap chlorine, kills bacteria and infuses the water with organic minerals. Click here to visit the website.






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