It’s my mini-me!

July 6, 2018

Who wouldn’t want a mini-me? I mean, I know Nunu is technically our mini-me but this one sits still and sleeps through the night...

Duron and I are huge LEGO fans and jumped at the chance to create our own little mini-me!

It was so much fun to make. If you log onto the website, click onto the “shop” option. Here you are spoilt for choice with different hairstyles, clothing and more! You can create a very realistic Lego version of yourself.

My mini-me has long brown hair, a blue hoodie and jeans. I love how you can also select accessories to personalize your little Lego woman. I chose a cell phone and coffee mug!

My hubby’s mini-me is sporting a straight peak cap, player one tee (as he loves gaming) and dark pants. He also loves soccer so we added that as his accessory. 

This really is such a unique idea! It was fun to make and is such a great gift idea too! Pricing isn’t too bad either, with Lego heads starting at R25.

I can’t wait for my kids in my class to see it, they are going to love it! It is going to have centre stage on my desk at school.  


Click here to visit the website and start creating your own mini-me! 


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