My Top 5 Winter Picks

July 3, 2018


Winter brings images of families cosying up to a fire, roasting marshmallows and sipping on hot chocolate. 

Enter reality. It’s been raining for 3 days straight, it’s freezing cold, the kids have cabin fever and you need to keep them entertained for the school holidays!
Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are my Top 5 Winter Finds, perfect for those days spent indoors. These have no expiry date and can be used over and over providing hours of fun! Another bonus is that these are educational too! Additional bonus- you don’t even need to leave the house. All of these finds can be couriered right to your front door!


Nina Hampton is an experienced Foundation Phase teacher who has created this fun box of surprises that gets delivered right to your door (no need to leave the house in the rain!).
Each box is age-appropriate and each month brings a new and exciting theme. July’s theme is “Me and my body”. Each box is R349 and contained a variety of different toys to encourage fine motor development while still having fun.
Nunu received a June box and has had so much fun with the contents. Our box contained an array of different items, but his absolute favourite has to be the building blocks. He insists on taking them everywhere we go. He also likes to sort them into colours, but red is his favourite. There was also playdough, cutters, paint, bubbles and more. I am only giving Nunu one thing at a time to explore so as not to overwhelm him for choice. So far we haven’t even moved past the blocks yet, they’re THAT popular!
Nina has also compiled a very handy file with lots of tips to help you with gross and fine motor development.
This is really a worthwhile local business to support. There is no pressure to buy a box every month, so you are able to buy once-off for the holidays.
Order your Panda Post box here and receive 15% off your first box!  


Let’s be honest, nothing lasts better than wooden toys. Our kids are living in a fast-paced, digital world that doesn’t really accommodate for a lot of imaginative play. However, this is crucial in the holistic development of your child, especially as they enter Grade R and are required to use these critical skills.
Declan & Leah has created the most beautiful set of blackboard building blocks. Your little one can draw and create their own little town using the colourful chalk provided. Introduce different toys to make your town unique. Each day a different story can be played out- from a bustling city filled with transport to a small farm village being attacked by a T-Rex!
These blocks are available for only R230. Click here to order your set today. 


Hasbro has set a challenge this winter! Can you play the classics... but with a twist? We were sent a box of Jenga (which is personally one of my absolute favourite games of all time) BUT... with a pair of chopsticks! Are you able to play Jenga with chopsticks? Give it a try. It’s difficult!
Hasbro has put a fresh spin on the classics: Monopoly, Jenga and Twister. They have also brought out some newer games such as Speak Out.
We often forget that these games are available because of the fast paced world out there, constantly pushing us to be “busy”. Put it on your bucket list to time out these holidays and play one of these games as a family.
 Available on for R255. 


Looking for a fun craft activity? Tower Kids has brought out sand and glitter packs to keep your little one entertained. We were given the transport pack to try. There are glitter and sand options. This is not only fun but a great sensory activity and good for fine motor skills too. These packs are available from at R28 each. 



As a teacher, I know the importance of reading to your child and igniting a love for books. Kids Book Club is an amazing venture that Nadine and Mandie have created! Each month you will receive an age-appropriate book and activity pack for as little as R199 per month. You are able to cancel at anytime so you are not bound to any contracts. Spend those chilly evenings cuddling with your little one under the duvet and delve into a new book! Sign up for a subscription here.  








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