Local Love: Myang

February 15, 2018


Ask anyone about Myang, and they will tell you about their fabulous sun hats! I am in love with their quirky fabrics and superior quality. Living in our harsh South African climate, a sun hat is a necessity for our little ones. Nunu is not a fan of hats and pulls it off at every opportunity he gets. Myang has thought this through and each hat has an elastic strap that fits comfortably under the chin. 


Myang’s all-women team sew every item with a whole lot of love! Many of these special ladies are from disadvantaged communities and Myang is playing a big role in uplifting their lives.


Each item is handmade and lovingly stitched with your little angel in mind. 


Myang’s attention to detail on each individual product make for a unique outfit for your toddler. They even make the most adorable little shoes.



Click here to shop at Myang.


Clothing: Myang
Photographer: Tim Keller
Blocks: Yogi Blocks

All photographs are copyrighted and are the sole property of Hearts and hiccups. They may not be used without the permission of Hearts and hiccups.

Competition rules:
1. You must be residing in South Africa.
2. You must follow both Myang and Hearts and hiccups to be eligible for the prize.
3. The prize may not be exchanged.
4. You must have followed all the stipulated steps in order for your entry to be valid.
5. The winner will be selected randomly.

6. The competition prize consists of only the sun hat, not the whole outfit.

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