Local Love: Lullaby Rock

February 13, 2018


I can’t explain how much I adore Lullaby Rock apparel. I totally think Amy (owner and designer) should be making an adult range of clothing too. I would buy everything. 


It was love at first sight when I spotted a Lullaby Rock babygrow in a Kids Emporium Instagram post. I immediately went to the tags to see which company was making this unparalleled style for babies and toddlers.


Their clothes are renowned for having a comfortable fit, yet still being iconic in their style. The cutting edge designs will have your little one standing out from the crowd. Nunu is very rough on his clothing and his Lullaby Rock romper has really shown endurance during the crawling/climbing stage, proof that quality has not been compromised. 



When shopping for Nunu, I often find it difficult to find clothing for him. Shops have aisles and aisles of girls clothing, but a very limited selection for boys. Lullaby Rock saw the need for stylish boys (and gender neutral) clothing and have quite successfully made a name for themselves in this niche.



I try to be as stylish as Nunu, and wear my straight peak cap with as much swag as what he has, but sadly I think he’s cooler than me. 


Shop Lullaby Rock here.


Nunu’s Clothing: Lullaby Rock

Adult straight peaks: Lullaby Rock
Photographer: Tim Keller

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