All things Christmas!

December 12, 2017

Last Christmas, Nunu was too little to know what was potting so we got away with doing very little. I can't even remember if we got him a gift or not, to be honest. I was also overwhelmed with being a new mom and deciding to host Christmas for 20 people.


This year I am feeling more sane (only slightly) and really wanted to start some solid family Christmas traditions that we can carry on for years to come. There is something so magical about this time of year and I usually go totally overboard, so now I have a kid to join me in my excitement because my husband looks at me in fear and horror when I start hauling out my Christmas storage container.


Here are the traditions I plan to start this year:


  • Christmas Eve presents! 

    I love this idea, as our broader family like to open their gifts at Christmas Day lunch. So it's a long wait to start ripping that wrapping paper! A friend of mine that does this gives a pair of pyjamas and a Christmas themed book to open on Christmas Eve. APPROVED. I bought Nunu an adorable pair of Naartjie pyjamas and a singing book from Readers Warehouse. 



  • Decorate a gingerbread house!

    Eeeeek! I am so excited to do this! I've always wanted to decorate a gingerbread house. I'm not sure how much Nunu is going to be able to participate in this tradition yet, but it's OK, I'm willing to do the job!


  • Church service in the morning!

    Traditionally, we went to church every single Christmas morning as children, and I want the same for Nunu. I want him to know the reason for the season.


  • Advent calendar!

     I purchased an advent calendar from Woolworths AND - bad mom alert - I am letting my one year old eat his teeny tiny chocolate each day. He loves chocolate like his mama and devours it like he hasn't eaten in days. 



  • Visit a Christmas market! 

    I started this one last year. I can HIGHLY recommend the Simply South Gift & Craft Fair held each year at the NG Kerk in Kreupelbosch. They have the most divine stalls! All locally produced goods AND they're amazingly priced. 


  • Christmas Eve's Eve party! 

    This tradition started when I was still single (and could sleep in until midday). I found that at Christmas time, a lot of the focus is on family, but what about those friends that FEEL like family? So my annual Christmas Eve's Eve party was born. Every year we do something different, we have had a movie in the garden, cocktail hour and others. I invite all my closest friends and we celebrate the festive season together.

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