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November 23, 2017

Happy Baby sent us a huge package last week that cheered us up immensely as Nunu had been in and out of hospital. His weight has been low and we are trying to feed him more, but now that he wants to be more independent and feed himself all of the time, it's been tough!


So why am I such a huge fan of Happy Baby products?


  • They are organic and gluten free. Easy on Nunu's tummy and super healthy too

  • Awesome flavours from which to choose, not the usual boring ones!

  • Nunu can feed himself

  • A wide variety of different snacks which make packing lunch a lot more enjoyable!


Here are my Top 3 favourite Happy Baby SA products at the moment:


Yogis - Nunu has been on a LOT of meds. These delicious treats are made from fruit and freeze-dried yogurt. PLUS there are active probiotics in them!


Puffs - These super cool little puffs are usually inhaled by Nunu as a treat. He thinks he's eating junk food, but I know the truth! These sweet potato and carrot puffs contain Cholin which supports brain and eye health! Mom wins!


Teethers - I really like these teethers as they dissolve easily, so Nunu won't choke on them. He loves the blueberry and purple carrot flavour. There are no artificial flavours and are gentle on the gums! 

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