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November 6, 2017

I am very lucky to have interviewed Melinda Buckley of Kidworx! Her products are absolutely amazing - fresh designs and unique products. I have personally tried the Nappy Clutch! What a fabulous product. Instead of lugging a nappy bag around, I can just slip the nappy clutch under my arm. The clutch converts into a changing mat and has space for nappies and wet wipes. I see this being a real life-saver during the summer holidays, when we head off to the beach and can just pop it into the beach bag. 



1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am someone who can tinker away for hours with fabric and colours and am constantly on a never ending quest to simplify the madness in my life. Always up for a laugh, love spontaneity, freak people out when I suddenly bust out into my home language of Hungarian….yip it never gets old. I am a mom to a gorgeous 2 year old Thunda Monkey, have a dog who has, by a pajama clad neighbour, been likened to Brad Pitt ( Really really?) and a Husband who supports my overactive imagination. There is not a day that goes by where I am as equally excited as scared about the decision of going on my own and being the master of my own universe.



2. Why did you begin your business? What was your motivation?

It has been many a moon coming but my last stint working with a small upstart for 6 years, growing the company from 2 employees to 26 employees, I realised that helping someone else live their dream was stagnating my own. I have always, through my working career, gravitated towards designing and prototyping bags and it was at the request of my fabulously social and pregnant sister in law that the concept of a stylish and bespoke mobile carrier, was born. The Social Sleeper.


After my daughter was born, I was able to entertain my own needs and every time I presented a new product the reaction was positive. I suppose you could say I was onto something, offering a solution to parents who have a similar style to my own.


3. How is your brand unique and different to others?

The brand is about offering fluster free moments for new parents and baby. It’s a brand that allows new parents to be stylish and confident when saying yes to every occasion. Nap time will still be nap time. Nappy changes never more fuss free and comfortable, having everything at hand and knowing it’s all designed to create a solution to how to go about parenting in style and with simplicity.


4. What is your absolute favourite product you currently offer?

Ouch this is a tough one. It’s  like saying you have a favourite child. I am going to be diplomatic and say that at each stage of the development of my child, the product was my favourite. Right now, the Nappy Clutch for sure! It’s so brilliant to know that my Diaper bag is holding this dynamite little changing station. Skipping off to a change facility with this stylish compact clutch is just so fuss free, I smile and want to share this with as many moms as possible!






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